About Shower Curtain Hooks

Do You Need Shower Curtain Hooks?

If you purchased a shower curtain, you definitely get yourself a shower curtain hook. It is used to attach the shower curtains to the rod. They do not have to be boring even though they are functional. In today’s market, it comes in many different types of styles. However, No matter what is your decorating style, you should make sure that you find a shower curtain hook that match with the curtain.

They come in various of materials. This includes plastic, glass, silver, copper and in many different colors. You can select from patterns that is available from gleaming chrome to heart-shaped curtain hooks based on your preference and your decorating style.

They are designs that include floral and nature. If you did not know, leaves are considered to be a popular element because it can match with different types of shower curtains.

If you are a pet lover or prefer to have an animal theme, there are hooks that you can get in the form of animals such as dogs, fish, cats, and even frogs. You can even get hooks shaped of ladybug, bumblebee, butterflies and the list goes on. If you are going to get a shower curtain hooks for your children’s bathroom. You can get hooks that are available of famous cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, hello kitty, etc.

Most of the shower curtain hooks that are available in the market come in twelve per pack. You can get it for eight dollars to over thirty dollars. There are many types of stores that sell shower curtain hooks. For example, department stores, bedding stores, and home improvement. Sometimes, there are even grocery stores and discount stores that sell shower curtain hooks. Out of all these curtain hooks, there surely be one of them that suits your curtain.

You spent some time finding a shower curtain that is perfect for you. Now it is time to finish the final touch which is to find the best ways to hang your shower curtain.

As mentioned earlier, you can get it many shapes, sizes and style of shower curtain hooks. Once your primary goal might be getting the color, size, style right for your curtain, you have to make sure other things as well before you buy. Shower curtains comes in twelve holes. Therefore, you would need 12 hooks in your set. Unless you are going to get hook less curtain then you would not need it. The shower curtain will be attached to the rod with strips.

Shower curtain hooks usually have a decorative button which is sculptural on the end of the hook which exists the grommet or hole and faces outside the curtains.

Getting curtain rings are less appealing and decorative as it simply holds the curtain rod. There are some shower treatments which uses rings to hold the liner to a rod and hooks will be used to hold the curtain. If you want to match the hooks and the curtain, you need to know what theme you want. For example, sea shells on the hook would look great with a shower curtain with seaside-theme. You don’t need to be a genius for this.

Best Ways To Hang Your Shower Curtain


Hooks are shaped like the alphabet S. It is usually decorated with an accent on the end that will poke out of the curtain unlike the regular rings. This will give you the opportunity to use some creativity to decorate your bathroom. If you prefer to make your bathroom looks nicer, then choose hooks!

Hookless Curtain


Not everyone would prefer getting rollers or hooks. Some might prefer to get a hookless curtain. Unlike hooks, getting a hookless curtain does not provide much decoration to your bathroom but it does provide some benefits for you.

Benefits Of Hookless Shower Curtain

Hooks might make your bathroom look more beautiful and decorative but sometimes it can be a pain to use. You might get one side hung and the other side is unhooked. When you reattached the unhooked side, then the other three hooks will get unhooked. There are many different types of hookless shower curtains. Even though most of them have their own ways to attach, each works with your existing curtain.

Another type of hookless curtain is one that uses ties. Though each tie requires to be tied individually, you do not need to fumble with those rings which will fall off. Besides that, it repels water, which eliminates the fear of mold and mildew.

Hanging Your Shower Curtain

Now that you have your shower curtain and your hooks. And it is time to get your shower curtains hung.

1.Hang the rod. Choose a spring curtain rod which can be curved or straight. The tension of the strings make sure that the rod remain in place without slipping witht the weight of the curtain. A standard curtain is about seventy two inches. Therefore, position your rod about seventy seven inches from the ground.

2.Attach the hooks. Use the hooks to extend the length of the curtain by about one to three inches. A single hook can provide about one to one and the half inches of length. A longer hook can give about two to three inches more.

3. Hang the curtain. Place the liner so that the each of the hole is align from one end to the next. The side of the curtain should face the liner when you hang it from the rod. Now, attach the hook through the holes of the curtain. You should hang your curtains at least three to five inches from the ground if you are using a standard seventy two inches by seventy two inches shower curtain. Next, adjust the shower rod against the shower walls to alter the positioning of the curtain. You can hang the curtain such that it falls just to the ground without touching the floor.

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