Awesome Facts You Need To Know Before Buying A Shower Curtain Rod

Shower Curtain Rod Ultimate Purchasing Guide


   Shower curtain rod is something you need to consider when purchasing a shower curtain as well. Most of the curtains requires either hooks or rings to be able to hold them onto the rod to stay in position. There are many types of materials and style you can choose from to suit your bathroom. The perfect one to choose for your bathroom is depends on your needs.

   If you are trying to find an optimal one for your need, you have visited the right page. This is because in this article, we are going to guide to you to be able to considerate on when purchasing the special one that is suitable for you.

Are you searching for a shower curtain rod to meet your needs. If your goal is to renovate your bathroom so that it is more user-friendly for the elderly or trying to make your bathroom more appealing, make wheelchair users to have a better showering experienced, you will find it is important to replace the current on you are using to a different type.


Shower Curtain Rods: Considerations When Purchasing


As mentioned earlier, there are many different  types of styles ,shapes and lengths you can choose from to meet your needs. To be able to find the right one that is suitable for you, there are a few considerations when you are purchasing it which include:

1.   It is better to find one that has less joints. This is because the chance for the rings or hooks to get stuck if it has less joints when the curtain is pulled. If it has abrupt angles, the chance for the rings or hooks to get caught increases. Rods that are straight are good as it will glide easily compare to square and rectangular types of rod. Therefore, it is a good idea for a rod to have less joints and abrupt angles if you do not want to deal with this problem.

2.   Strength. It is unlikely for strong rods to break if someone uses it to support themselves while get in and out of the tub. It is made out of many types of materials which includes plastic, bamboo, brass, steel, and stainless steel. The material that is stronger is made out of steel, stainless steel, and bamboo. If it is made out of these material, the tendency for it to break is very unlikely. For stainless steel material, it comes in different gauges ( The stronger the rod, the lower the number).

3.   Ceiling support is blocking the curtain. There are many rods have small vertical bars which extend to the bathroom ceiling. This is to provide additional support to be able to prevent the middle part of the rod from sagging downwards. However, this will caused a block that prevents the rings from closing. In order to counter this problem, you can get a standard shower curtain with ceiling support with another two curtains so that you can hang them through the rings on either side of the support. The next solution is to get yourself a rod with track-style which already has a wheeled hook that can allow curtain to be able to pass underneath the ceiling support. The final solution is to install a track with wheeled hooks. You can get an extra long shower curtain if you want a latter solution.

4.   Rods for wheelchair users. A shower curtain that is attached to rings or rod both have a tendency to get caught. This makes it impossible for a wheelchair user to slide open the curtain. Therefore, it is a good idea to install a telescoping pivoting shower rod to be solve this issue. The special features of this rod is that it allows curtain to be swung open or close and it does not need to be slid back and forth along the track.

5.   Ceiling Lift Users. It is an excellent idea to install a ceiling lift to assist with transfers into and out of the tub. Telescoping pivoting-style curtain rod is a good for this as a normal shower curtain rod will cause a “road block” which prevents ceiling lift from passing. The only disadvantage of this rod is that it might get pushed open with a stream of water from the shower head. Therefore, get yourself a shower clip to be apply to the wall so that you can secure the curtain in position.

6.   Color and Finishing. As mentioned earlier, shower curtain rod is available in many types of materials. In today’s market, you can even select various finishes which includes chrome, nickel, brass, copper, oil rubbed bronze. If you are not a fan of shower curtain rod color, you can even get a rod powder-coated of your choice. There is all based on your preference and your requirements.

7.   Shapes of the shower curtain rod. If you prefer to have more bathing space, you can get yourself rods that are curved outward. Make sure that you have calculated the correct size and length before purchasing. You do not have to worry so much if you got the length miscalculated because most rods today are adjustable. However, you need to remember that you can make rods that a larger to become smaller but it is harder to make rods that are small to become larger.

8.   Decorations. If you want to make your bathroom to look more appealing, you can look for rods that is suits your bathroom’s decorations. The decision can be made by things such as wall coverings, covers, and the design of your shower curtains that will be hang from the rods which is important to consider as well.

9.   Wall type. When it comes to bathroom decorations, you need to consider the material of the wall where the curtains are going to be hang. For example, if the wall type is tile, getting rods that can expand by twisting to the wall with friction is an excellent idea. This is because you do not want to drill a hole into the wall to be able to install it
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