Make Your Showering Experience Great Again With Curved Shower Rod!

Why You Need A Curved Shower Rod


   Curved shower rod to decorate your bathroom may become one of the most noticeable things. Your shower rod can even be more noticeable if you keep the curtain drawn. It can be a powerful decoration feature regardless of what is your curtain design is.

   You will have more shower space by at least 25% by using a curved shower curtain. The installation which is rather simple can increase your bathroom’s width by at least six inches. Your bathroom would look much more bigger than it usually is.

   When it comes to the installation of curved shower curtain rods, it is rather easy. You don’t have to be very handy to able install this. It comes with wood screws,tile anchors,sheetrock anchors,allen wrench and set screws. All you need to do is to follow based on the instruction given to install it.

   You can normally find curved shower rod is commonly used in hotels. This is because hotel bathroom has limited amount space. Therefore, by using curved shower rod, it will make the bathroom looks lightly bigger and increase the area for bathing. Eight or more inches of space to the shower area if the rod used is curved.

   Recently, it is gaining popularity for home use as people are starting to realize that how much impact it can make to a bathroom simply because of the shower rod is curved. As many bathrooms have very limited space, a simple curved rod will simply provide instant benefits that you can enjoy such as making your bathroom look good and make it appear even larger.

Advantages of Curved Shower Rods Vs Straight Shower Rods

   You might already want to get a curved rod for your bathroom now. Here are some advantages of curved rod compare to straight shower rod that might even convinced you to get yourself a curved shower rod.

§  More shower space area. You can simply add up to seven inches of elbow room by using this type of rod. It will provide you a better bathing experience as you feel more comfortable especially for bathers with larger size.

§  Make your bathroom look more better. This kind of rod makes you feel that your bathroom is a 5-star hotel’s bathroom as it provide a look of class to a bathroom.

§  Prevents water from escaping the shower. The curved design helps to curtain to stay in position so that your floor is always dry.

   Reducing the curtain blow-in. We all have experienced this. While you are taking a shower, the curtain is touching you. This is because of the air current. This problem can be solved by installing a curved rod as it can hold the curtain further away.


Disadvantage of Curved Shower Rods


   There isn’t much disadvantage of this type of rod. The benefits of this rod outweigh its cons. The only disadvantage is only the perception of the user. There are people who likes to use the rod to find their towel. You might not be able to find your way around the shower as the curtain is curved away from you. This might result into a fall and an injury is even possible.This problem usually affects those who are not used to the curved rod yet. Once you get used to it, this should not be a disadvantage or a problem at all. Other than that, there is not any disadvantage of curved shower rod.


Curved Shower Rod Styles


   In today’s market, there are so many types of styles when it comes to shower rods. There are so many choices available, you can find the one that can fit your budget and it suits your bathroom. Here are the most common curved rod.

§  Single curved rod. It is one of those rod that you can adjust it to fit your shower space. It is installed by using screws and it has a decorative accents that can hide the screws so that it will make your bathroom to be able to look more appealing.

§  Double curved rod. It is designed to be able to separate the curtain liner from the shower curtain. Since it has two rods, the price for this type of rod could be more expensive compare with others. It is also installed by using screws.

§  Curved tension shower rod. The tension rods can be in singe or double styles. The difference is that the way of installation. For this rod, it is installed by twisting the rod until it hold by itself between the shower wall. It is special as it does not need screws to install it. It can even hold up to 30 lbs even though it is not installed by using screws.


Materials Of Curved Shower Rods


   Like any products, it is also made from many different types of materials. You can select the rod that is within your budget and it suits your needs. They come in stainless steel,chrome, brushed nickel, Old World Bronze, Burnish Gold and the list goes on. All these materials is chosen to be used to make rods because it is easy to clean it. All you need to do is to clean it with a wet cloth.


Enjoy Using Curved Shower Rod


   By using curved shower rods which can provide more space while showering, you can still use any curtains to be able to fit them. You do not need any large curtains to match the rods.

   It is a very good idea to just replace your straight rods with a curved one. This is because it is the easiest method to make the most space for your bathroom. It does not seem much for an extra 6 inches. Once you are used to get the curved shower room for additional room, and then a regular  shower. You will how is it possible that you once managed to bath in such a small space for so many years. Getting a curved shower curtain is only a easy project that you can benefit the toilet without needing much experienced when it comes to installing it.

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