How to Choose a Bathroom Vanity

Although it may not be the most physically-demanding part of a serious bathroom remodel, choosing a vanity can have a huge impact on the design of your bathroom. If you place it in such a way that it would impede traffic in the room or it uses mismatched materials, poor storage space and so forth, your bathroom’s usefulness will suffer in the long run. Bathroom Vanity

The following tips aim to help you make the right choice –


You must choose a good spot where the vanity won’t interrupt with the traffic in your bathroom or block the door. This is something worth thinking about, since a lot of bathrooms are small and this may create a very awkward situation overall. Something you should consider is whether you will have an easy time cleaning it and the bathroom itself considering its position in the room. Will it have sliding or regular doors and how will they open? How would that affect the traffic?


If you need to do some plumbing so you can install the new vanity, then you should keep in mind that this will take up some of your budget. Even if you switch from a normal vanity that sits on the floor to a wall-mounted one you will still need to reroute some of the pipes and drains, so keep that in mind. Have your budget ready and accommodating for such a change.


Vanities are often placed in areas of high humidity and lots of traffic, seeing much use in their time. You should make sure you plan on purchasing one whose materials are able to take a beating in such cases. Wood veneers, thermo foil and laminates work well in such cases. Wood however needs more care, making sure it’s properly lacquered and sealed, though you should keep in mind that none of these materials is indestructible in the long run. Water should always be wiped off and never left on a surface, regardless of how amazing the surface may be. You should also avoid anything made of pressed MDF as it will be clearly vulnerable to the moisture in a bathroom.

Storage Capacity

You should take some things into account before you really move on to buying your new vanity. Storage space is of extreme importance, so you must make sure you take account of what you keep inside your old one right now. Organize things and this will tell you exactly how much space you need and what sizes you should be looking at as well as the style you’re going for.

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